Vegas Shooting Targets : Police Are Protecting Mayweather

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On the same day Time Magazine honored Manny Pacquiao as one of their ’09 “People That Mattered”, forthcoming foe Floyd Mayweather Jr. was implicated by a Las Vegas duo who claim an associate of Mayweather tried to shoot them last summer.  From the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Antonio Planas :

Damein Bland, 36, and Quincey Williams, 25, said this week they believe Las Vegas police have ample evidence to arrest the assailant who fired at them multiple times Aug. 23 outside the Crystal Palace Skating Center. The suspect, identified by police only as “O.C.,” is described as 6 feet tall, black and about 220 pounds. He has brown eyes and wore his black, shoulder-length hair in dreadlocks.

Bland and Williams identified O.C. as the Mayweather’s bodyguard. Police have not confirmed that.

The men reiterated what they told authorities: Williams was threatened by Mayweather shortly before the shooting. Bland said Mayweather, upset by a text message from Williams that said he hoped the undefeated boxer would lose, threatened Williams.

According to a police report, Williams said Mayweather said he could have him “trumped.” After the shooting, Williams told the Review-Journal that he thought Mayweather meant: “He’s got enough money to get me hit.”

Nobody was injured in the shooting. The BMW 650 that Bland drove was struck by six bullets.

The men complained that the wheels of justice are moving slowly and that Mayweather should be scrutinized in the investigation. Mayweather has not been named by police as a suspect.

“They say you should believe in the justice system,” said Williams, who now fears for his life. “But I guess the justice system only works when you’re a high-profile person and you have millions of dollars.”

Mayweather’s manager and lawyer have vehemently denied his involvement.  I’ve no insights as to Mayweather’s guilt or innocence, but if he was in the habit of having everyone who antagonized him gunned down, how is it that Brian Kenny is still alive?

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  1. “Enough money to have you hit”? I am reminded of my dad, who was fond of saying, “Kid, this is Kansas City. For 50 bucks, I can have your legs broken. For 75, I can have you killed.”

  2. Floyd not coming out of retirment unti manny declines. Just cope with it. He is a terrified guy operating from his opponents primes. Was totally surprised and shocked he could defeat a shot fighter like Oscar De La Hoya so a lot that he cried when he won. Couldnt feel he had ample to defeat Hatton a club fighter so a lot he threw a celebration in the ring. Then he determined that was as well scary and shut so he went the senior circuit with excess fat slob JMM and Shane Mosley upcoming to make confident he wouldnt be so emotionally concerned about dropping the struggle.

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