Vic Chesnutt Dies at 45

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I realize that others can, and will, speak more eloquently to the music of Vic Chesnutt than I.  Still, news of his death yesterday felt like one more punch taken in a miserable year.  Sorry, as usual when an artist dies, I think of myself first and what I just lost.  I can only point to how much he got done, how deeply he affected those who knew him, and his example of what can and can’t be taken away from a person.   He was 45.  Considering how he reportedly died, on Christmas Day, I found this lyric quoted by Ben Sisario in his New York Times obit of Chesnutt particularly moving:  œI™m not a victim/Oh, I am an atheist.

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  1. makarios says:

    atheists are most certainly not victims. their fate truly is in their hands, as hell’s gates are locked from the inside.

    i believe this is what is called, roasting chesnutts o’re an open fire.

  2. GC says:

    “atheists are most certainly not victims.”

    sir, you’re entitled to your (extremely screwy) beliefs but a day after VIc’s death seems an especially cruel moment to suggest he deserved a life of pain and/or afterlife that wasn’t peaceful.

  3. cp says:

    What a sad end to one of the saddest years. What an amazing life.

  4. Marc says:

    I only ever saw Chesnutt twice- last year with Elf Power and a couple weeks ago at the church in Austin. I’m really glad that I was fortunate enough to have seen him those two times.

    For a guy who seemed full of life, piss, and vigor (he threatened to climb out of his wheelchair and kick the ass of a gentleman who was literally yelling “I love you Vic! You’re awesome.” after every song during that Elf Power backed show), the fact that he committed suicide is mind blowing. It seems like the exact opposite of what he seemed destined to do.

    At the very least, we’re all fortunate to have his recordings. At The Cut is one of the best albums of 2009, if not the decade.

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