Vizquel To Wear Aparicio’s Retired #11: Carlton Fisk Wishes AJ Pierzynski Would Stop Leaving Messages

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What hath been done may indeed be undone.  Unretired backup SS Omar Vizquel has managed to seal a deal to wear the retired-in-1984 uniform number 11 of Hall of Famer Luis Aparicio, the White Sox’ most decorated at the position.  Arrangements were made necessary by Vizquel’s traditional #13 having already been taken at the Sox by a shortstop with front office connections.  Calls to the Venezuelan consulate to confirm the complicated deal between countrymen was brokered by golf detractor/Presidente Hugo Chavez went unreturned.  Helpfully recorded by the NSA, but unreturned.

Vizquel has worn 13, but in Chicago, that number belongs to manager Ozzie Guillen. And he wasn’t about to relinquish it.

“Ever since I signed with the White Sox, the first thing Ozzie Guillen said (was): ‘You can forget about 13, that’s going to be my number,”‘ Vizquel said. “He knows that’s my number and I really would love to wear it. But I think what Ozzie Guillen has done for the Chicago White Sox, winning them a championship and all the years that he played there, No. 13 already has a name. … As long as a Venezuelan is wearing it, I’m pretty happy with it.”

2 responses to “Vizquel To Wear Aparicio’s Retired #11: Carlton Fisk Wishes AJ Pierzynski Would Stop Leaving Messages”

  1. Debbie says:

    “Wishes AJ Pierzynski Would Stop Leaving Messages”

    I’m I missing something here. What does the above have to do with anything written in this article??

  2. Debbie,

    I apparently failed to be funny when I imagined the Sox catcher trying to change his own number to Carlton Fisk’s retired #72, as Vizquel did with Aparicio’s #11.

    Which only goes to show there’s (still) nothing funny about Carlton Fisk.

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