Derek Bell’s Sea Of Love

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Sam Frank writes :

In the year 2000, a female friend of mine went to a Mets game, with seats behind the dugout. She showed up early, for batting practice. Or maybe it was a friend of that friend and she was working a summer job for the Yankees and it was a Subway Series and she was on the field before gametime. I’m pretty sure it was the latter, but it doesn’t matter, because the next part’s for sure. During the game, a batboy came up to her and passed her a piece of paper with a phone number and a note:

“Derek Bell wants to know if you’d like to take a ride on his yacht.”

Which doesn’t disprove this old story. But on this occasion, Operation Shutdown was shot down.

7 responses to “Derek Bell’s Sea Of Love”

  1. dave g. says:

    Bell’s song every time he came to bat in his Met tenure? “Big Pimpin”

  2. jamie says:

    i was at a game in Fenway Park against the Mets a few years ago (i think it was the one where Carl Everett head-butted the ump) sitting out in the bleachers and some inebriated guy spent the better part of 3 innings yelling “Derek Bell, you’re my daddy!” over and over again. he certainly sounds like a “girl in every port” kind of sailor. and “take a ride on his yacht” certainly sounds like a euphemism.

  3. CSTB says:

    what better place for father and son to be reunited than historic Fenway Park?

  4. beryle says:

    i wish someone would help me find derek bell im his daughter im 16

  5. Rodney G. says:

    Going To Super Bowl XXXIX Brothers House

  6. Rodney G. says:

    Russell Simmons Ex Healed My Back

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