Preparing For USC/Notre Dame By OD’ing On The Early Games

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Oklahoma will travel to K.C. for the Big 12 Championship Game a week from today, courtesy of their 27-21 victory at Oklahoma State. Trailing by 6, the hosts got the ball back with 1:38 remaining and backup QB Zach Robinson had a couple of shots at the end zone, both falling for incompletions. Earlier, Robinson had fumbled on 4th and goal with Sooners LB Demarrio Pleasant recovering. Allen Patrick (163 yards, 1 TD) came through in what Chris Russo loves to call “a big spot” in place of the injured Adrian Peterson, and Oklahoma now have further opportunies to moan about the blown call in the loss to Oregon, as they’d be a one-loss title contender otherwise.

With apologies to Georgia Tech/Georgia, what might’ve been the most entertaininggame of the day was played between two schools with a combined 3-21 record.

Despite last week’s loss to Cincy, Rutgers still has a shot at a BCS bid, thanks to the combination of the Scarlet Knights’ 38-7 demolition of Syracuse and South Florida’s 24-19 upset win at West Virginia.

Congrats to Boise State on their perfect season, but the MPC Computers Bowl just won’t be the same without them.

3 responses to “Preparing For USC/Notre Dame By OD’ing On The Early Games”

  1. RutgerzBoy says:

    Yeah, I am still rooting for Rutgers. Speaking of BCS, have you been to the Tostitos BCS website? They are giving away tickets to the championship game if ur interested, my coworker and I just entered for kicks!

  2. GC says:

    all gratuitious plugs for Tostitos are welcome, no matter what our spam filter has to say about it.

  3. John O says:

    The MPC computers bowl will be just as great as it always is without Boise State, which is to say, having a bunch of disgruntled U Miami players half heartedly going through the motions will be just as compelling anything else on television that day.

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