WANTED : Local H Fans Who Like To Get Rowdy (But Know Where To Draw The Line)

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(Precious Paul, already doing the math to determine his cut of the $40)

From Craigslist Dallas :

I’m willing to pay a van load of punk kids (i.e. hardcore kids with boots or whatever/black clothes/spikes/and patches on every fucking thing owned/you know what I’m talking about!), each, a crisp $20 bill, to ride from Dallas to Greenville to crash a 30 year old’s birthday party on Saturday, March 15. Mind you, tis the season for treason and all that is mad…March 15 recalls the assassination of Julius Caesar, who was famous for invasive strategies…just seems appropriate to ‘invade’ a party on the day of his death. Especially, a party of a man (i.e. the birthday dude) whom quotes the famous line, “Beware the Ides of March,” periodically. I’d like to provide transportation, so your money won’t be wasted, unless it’s on 40 oz’s. The party will be around 7 p.m. until drunk:30…and I want to make an entrance with a bunch of unexpected guests similar to that of the Road Warriors in the 80’s flick ‘Weird Science,’ where a bunch of street punks crash a fancy party. Everyone needs to be legal though. There will be beer. And most of all, there will be a house party that needs a good thrashing. I want jumping over fences/drinking/and being disgusting, but not destructive to the property…I know that sounds ridiculous in light of the movie preference, but damage costs suck, so just show up to be loud and have fun with a similar group of kids your own age who like the band, Local H and shit. They do enjoy good metal and good beer though, so it probably won’t be that lame.

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