WARNING TO DINO COSTA : You’ve Never Seen A Man With This Much Meat In His Mouth

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video courtesy the Chicago Tribune (h/t Hozac Records)

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  1. Anthony says:

    I see either Michael Madsen or Tom Sizemore as Dino when they make his biopic.

  2. Nick says:

    This Dino guy is a strange bird. He tweets maniacally all day which surely loses him as many followers as it gains him. Quality not quantity is something he hasn’t mastered.
    Also if you do some Google searches on him, you find some troubling items including a sexual harrassment allegation in 2003 while at KLZ-AM and how he used to identify himself by the name of Ryan Patrick. Hmmm….strange sure hope Sirius doesn’t find out about this guys past.

  3. Ahhh, the old love triangle domestic issue from back in the old days…that one was a bummer for sure. Hey, if I may mention as an aside, don’t let SiriusXM know about any of this (wink-wink), better to keep it between us. Ryan Patrick? Was a good man, passed away back in 2001…I knew him pretty darn well too.

  4. GC says:

    From Westword, Feb. 13, 2003

    On February 10, Rocky Mountain News broadcasting columnist Dusty Saunders wrote that Costa, who went on KLZ’s airwaves for the first time last fall, “was fired or resigned Friday after allegations of sexual harassment by a female employee at the station — charges Costa denies. Costa claims he resigned after station management suspended him. Several other sources say Costa was fired by owner Don Crawford Jr.”

    Costa, 39, could not be reached for comment. But some of the gaps in Saunders’s account are filled by a February 7 article in the Denver Daily News, which had an inside track on the Costa situation: DenverRadio.net reports that KLZ and the Daily News share a building at 2150 West 29th Avenue. The paper said a temporary restraining order had been issued against Costa on behalf of a woman who also worked in the building and a police investigation was under way. The offense report, filed February 5 and directed at Costa under his given name, Ryan Patrick, speaks about several instances of alleged sexual harassment, including one described as follows: “Victim was confronted by suspect in first floor stairwell. Suspect grabbed victim by arm, pulled her into stairwell, pushed victim up against the wall and forcibly kissed victim, forcing his tongue down her throat. At the same time, suspect put his hand up victim’s dress and groped victim’s breast.”

    No charges had been filed against Costa circa February 11, but the investigation was ongoing. Presumably, KLZ’s search for a replacement host is, as well, although there’s no way of knowing for certain: Station owner Crawford did not return a call about the situation. But Costa didn’t leave especially big mukluks to fill. On the few occasions when I tuned him in, I found him to be a chest-pounding, self-important, Jim Rome wannabe who was operating in a vacuum created by his station’s lower-than-low profile. If a host barks into a microphone but no one hears him, does he make a sound?

    “Chest-pounding, self-important wannabe”. Dino, the mistaken identity defense might be the way to go here. It doesn’t sound anything like you!

  5. Yeah, that one was sure a doozy! Us radio hosts sometimes find ourselves in the most bizarre situations! Ultimately what you don’t have posted is that the person in question was completely discredited, had a history of mental problems and had been through the process of this kind of a thing before. For more on this little ‘escapade’, I suggest you read my thoughts here:[email protected] Lastly, ‘The Dino’ has never needed to engage in such activity in order to get chicks…the chicks come to Dino. More than once I might add.

  6. GC says:

    “‘The Dino’ has never needed to engage in such activity in order to get chicks…the chicks come to Dino. More than once I might add.”

    Surely the police dropped the entire investigation when you told them that.

  7. Jon Solomon says:

    Less Dino sex, more Dino Sex.

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