Waving Goodbye To The Bad Lieutenant

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Dodgers 2B Jeff Kent (above) is expected to announce his retirement Thursday, and in light of his 355 HR’s — the most of any major league second baseman — I fully expect he’ll make the Hall Of Fame on the first ballot.

That is, if there’s such a thing as a Motocross Hall Of Fame.   Sneers Walkoff Walk‘s Rob Iracane, “Without the pesky sport to take up hours of his precious life, Kent will now have a ton of spare time to besmirch Vin Scully’s good name, fight gay marriage and “wash his truck”, which totally doesn’t involve doing stunts on his motorcycle.”  Hey, you forgot carrying firearms onto airplanes, menacing T.J. Simers  and giving the Sultan Of Surly a run for his money in the Monumental Jerk Sweepstakes.

2 responses to “Waving Goodbye To The Bad Lieutenant”

  1. Colby says:

    There’s a tiny tear going down my left cheek right now…..

  2. Ben Schwartz says:

    Kent’s retiring? I guess that means the Dodgers couldn’t sign Manny to hit behind him anymore?

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