We Wuz Robbed

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Scanning the list of nominees for the 2005 Bloggies, I fail to understand how CSTB wasn’t nominated in every single category. On the other hand, the representation of no fewer than 4 of Gawker Media’s properties is something a of a crowning achievment for that burgeoning web empire, what with nearly $100.00 (USD) in prize money at stake.

In all seriousness, it seems a little screwy that there is no category for a sports-related blog, especially because I was rooting for that college hoops guy who begs everyone to link to his site.

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  1. yoni cohen says:



    And thanks for the shout-out (of sorts). Haha. Though, in my defense, I wouldn’t do so if I were a baseball blogsophere. The college basketball blogosphere is quite small. And, for the most part, folks appreciate my link requests, as it connects them to the larger college basketball blogosphere I’m working hard to build.

    Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s football games.

    keep in touch,

    yoni cohen, college basketball blog

  2. CSTB says:


    Your repeated requests for linkage were appreciated for exactly what they were.


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