Wednesday’s Afternoon Most Miserable Pitching Performance…

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…is a three way tie between the Braves’ Tyler Yates and Oakland’s Barry Zito and Brad Halsey.

(Chase Utley slides past Todd Pratt. not shown : Bob Herzog giving a standing ovation)

I don’t wanna say the Braves bullpen is a big pile of suck, but they could’ve used Gary Majewski today. The Phillies are a mere 3 games out of the Wild Card spot, and while they’ve just a bunch of teams to leapfrog, they’re making quite a run without Abreu or Lidle on the payroll. If Philly actually makes the postseason, where does Murray Chass send the apologetic candygram? And can I chip in?

The Rangers are up, 13-0 after 6 innings, and Milton Bradley just got himself ejected…for arguing after he popped up. I don’t blame him, I don’t want to watch much more, either.

In more anger management news, Bob Timmermann reports that Miguel Tejada flipped the bird to some of his admirers today at the Rogers Centre, as the Blue Jays beat the O’s, 4-3. Vernon Wells was 2 for 4 and Ray Halladay earned his 14th win of the year. A pinch-hitting apppearance by the supposedly eager-to-split Kevin Millar made me realize that calling him a one-dimensional player would be far too much credit at this stage in his career.

Today’s glamour transactions : Milwaukee demoted Tony Gwynn Jr. to Nashville of the PCL ; the Reds obtained Todd Hollandsworth on waivers from the Indians.

P Jason Hirsh, having laid waste to most of the Pacific Coast League throughout 2006, will make his first big league start for the Astros this Saturday against San Diego. No doubt hoping to appease those fans heartbroken at Hirsh’s promotion, the Round Rock Express will be handing out Nolan Ryan Bobbleheads at this Saturday’s game against Oklahoma City.

Because when you think of Nolan Ryan, you think of stolen bases.

2 responses to “Wednesday’s Afternoon Most Miserable Pitching Performance…”

  1. Chuck Meehan says:

    When your bullpen allows Abraham Nunez to get 2 hits in one inning, you are in sad, sad shape.

  2. del says:

    you know, just because they walked in a run with the bases loaded, cleared the bases, walked them full again and proceeded to walk in yet another run, all in the same damn inning, it doesn’t mean the whole bullpen sucks. Wickman hasn’t blown a save. Yet.

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