Welcome To New York, Danilo Gallinari

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How enraged was the mob at MSG last night? Even Jeff Lageman was booing the Knicks’ selection of Danilo Gallinari at no. 6 overall.  While I personally would’ve loved to see New York take a flier on G D.J. Augustin (who might’ve been a stretch at no. 9), I’m still eager to see him regain the consistent form he flashed prior to his sophmore year in Austin . He’ll try to do so in a Bobcats uniform, however, and the Daily News’ Frank Isola predicts the selection of Gallinari means David Lee is a goner.

I™m hearing that the Knicks could be working on a deal with the Charlotte Bobcats to acquire point guard Raymond Felton for Lee, who played for Bobcats coach Larry Brown.

When Mike D™Antoni coached the Phoenix Suns he gave the front office a the thumbs-down to drafting Lee because he felt that Lee wasn™t a good enough shooter.

If Brown’s that commited to acquiring young talent he previously stunted nutured, surely Memphis would consider trading Darko Milicic?

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  1. KD says:

    Yes, Lee played for Larry Brown.

    Yes, Larry Brown also benched Lee for no apparent reason (other than to lose games and force Isiah out in a power struggle, I submit) for six straight games in the 2005-06 season. More than the Bucks and Celtics last year, it was the most blatant case of tanking I’ve seen in the last three seasons.

  2. GC says:

    That’s why I get such a kick out of hearing Larry described as a teacher.

    It’s a measure of my own utter lack of perspective that I actually believed Lee was worth more than Raymond Felton on the open market.

    so much for O.J. Mayo going into the Hall Of Fame in a Minnesota jersey.

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