What Could Be Funnier Than Someone’s Kid Dying?

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Human Whoopie Cushion Will Leitch’s sense of humor is becoming as sophisticated as his sense of fair play. Not content with laughing at those with Down’s Syndrome, Leitch’s latest targets seem to be the grieving relatives of young men who have committed suicide. Troubled ex-reliever Jeff Reardon says he’s having troubling coping with his son’s overdose, giving Will the excuse to make fun of Reardon’s beard.

You’ll recall it was just last week that Leitch showed the presence of mind to link to the MySpace page of Tony Dungy’s late son, James. Today, Leitch defended said decision, claiming said profile is “the first thing that has given any insight, however slight, of what might have been inside James Dungy™s head.”

And thank god for that, too. There’s no way the public could’ve lasted another moment without knowing for example, that Tony Dungy’s kid was into weed, Randy Moss and Snoop Dogg.

Anyhow, for once, I am in agreement with Will. The public’s right to know supercedes any considerations of privacy, sensitivity or compassion. And you can learn a lot about a person from their MySpace profile.

8 responses to “What Could Be Funnier Than Someone’s Kid Dying?”

  1. Craigger White says:

    Hitting his Myspace page briefly reveals that “Will has 0 friends,” ha. And Bronski Beat, what the fuck? Even proud faggots like myself could see through that garbage back then. And then it hits me that anyone can create a Myspace page on behalf of someone else — you got me, for a second. I’m a big fan of the Jandek Myspace page, it’s freaky because it really could be Him.

    Just now read Will’s smack on Down’s Syndrome folks, man, it goes without saying that’s about as low as you can go. A good friend of mine was born with it and he’s cooler than Will by a crillion miles.

  2. CSTB says:

    I’m sure the real Will has lots of friends.

    Not sure what to make of the anti-Bronksi sentiments. John Cougar, Will Leitch, Jimmy Sommerville — all proof that talented, sensitive types come from small towns.

  3. tbl says:

    I’m pretty sure the real Will would know John Huston’s film (if at all) as “Victory,” but who am I to insist on which side of the verisimilitude/parody line one should tread.

  4. CSTB says:

    I suspect he’s more of a “St. Elmo’s Fire” / “Breakfast Club” kind of guy, as well. Really, someone should write to News Corp. and have that page taken down.

  5. PB says:

    The Lewd “Kill Yourself?”

    Say what you want about Mr Leitch but at least he doesn’t own any of the shitty volumes of “Killed By Death”

  6. CSTB says:

    please, take it up with Will. Though maybe Mike Altman and Johnny Mandel’s “Suicide is Painless” would hit the spot?

    re : The Lewd. They were no Bronski Beat, granted, but still a great song.

  7. notorius says:

    Is it ok to make jokes about James Dungy’s suicide and how it will affect my fantasy team yet? I don’t want to be too late and then start telling totally irrelevant jokes.

  8. CSTB says:

    I think you’re a little late. However, if you can dig up, say, a Friendster profile from James’ sophmore year in High School, there might be a job for you in the burgeoning new media field.

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