What, No “My Friend Flicka”?

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4 responses to “What, No “My Friend Flicka”?”

  1. Dirty Dish Cloth says:


  2. While I watched this video from D.D.C.’s blog, my stereo was playing Cedar Walton’s jazz piano solo ‘Con Alma’. The humorous effect it added was stunning.

  3. Mark Melnick says:

    I remember having this on VHS about – god – fifteen years ago, and watching it over and over again until the tape finally broke. Flash forward to yesterday, when I heard “Mother” playing over the speakers at the supermarket. Better than most supermarket music I guess, but kind of sad, too.

  4. JB All Documented All True says:

    email me at [email protected] if you want a dvd of this video and the lucifuge one. i uploaded this to youtube and am happy to spread the danzicitude.

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