When Bobby Bonilla Said “I’ll Show You The Bronx”…

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…this probably isn’t what he meant.

(pic courtesy of Scott Comeau)

They’re in the top of the 3rd at Fenway, Chien-Ming Wang (above) having allowed a 2nd inning solo HR to Jason Varitek that put Boston in front, 2-1. Johnny Damon managed to take the bat out of Manny Ramirez’ hands in the bottom of the third, being caught in a run down after a David Ortiz tapper back to Wang. Not only did Damon make the third out of the inning trying to advance to third with Manny on deck, he did so after after he’d already been looked back to 2nd. I suppose he figured if he didn’t draw a throw from Wang the first time, why would Giambi try to execute a simple toss across the diamond. Idiotic.

Cleveland and Chicago are scoreless after 3. As you might expect under the circumstances, Paul Konerko has the night off, the always dangerous John Gload (0 HR’s, 3 RBI’s, .147 BA in 33 AB’s) batting 3rd for the White Sox.

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  1. Real Name says:

    well “john” gload gots the game winning hitsy; way to go johnny boy! i likey when ossie utilizes “the john” like this. remember, for most of the year gload was “john” but not forgotten.

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