When It Comes To Sneaker Salesmen, I’ll Take King Buzzo Over Stephon Marbury

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David Scheid
sounds the sneaker fetish alarm : Nike’s limited edition Dunk High Pro Melvins model (above).

Not to be confused with the same company’s limited edition Dinosaur Jr. shoe.

3 responses to “When It Comes To Sneaker Salesmen, I’ll Take King Buzzo Over Stephon Marbury”

  1. Lucas says:

    Given the money in shoes today, it is only a matter of time that Broadway stars and reality tv “celebrities” have their own sneakers. But I think the connection between music and sneakers is rational…LL Cool J, Run DMC, Adidas, Troop, Converse, to name but a few…


  2. GC says:

    there’s nothing irrational nor unprecedented about this, though unlike LL and Run DMC, (or the G-Unit stuff that Reebok makes) neither the Melvins nor Dinosaur J are likely to see much scratch from this. Their signature Nikes were manufactured in very limited quantities and you’re probably not gonna find them in ample supply at Footlocker or wherever.

  3. Dave Martin says:

    All of this discussion and still no one is addressing the real issues. You’ve got Dino Jr. vs. the Melvins. Who plays what positions? Who would win?


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