Where’s Mike Gundy Now?

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All over the interweb!  Oklahoma State’s 49-45 shootout victory over Texas Tech was certainly good enough to delay gazing at Texas’ rout of Rice last night, but the game itself finished a poor second to the following YouTube meltdown of OSU coach Mike Gundy.

(video link swiped from The Lost Ogle, heads up courtesy Jason Cohen)

Conduct unbecoming a highly paid educator? Perhaps. But an awesome audition for a future Coors Light commercial.

6 responses to “Where’s Mike Gundy Now?”

  1. Todd says:

    If you’d read the Carlson article, you’d understand why he blew up the way he did…

  2. Jason says:

    Great job backing up a player. The Carlson article was a personal attack, not journalism.

  3. Jim says:

    A Coach out of control. He is just definding his boy. He made wrong decisions starting Reid. He knows he put the kid in corner. And he is a paid athelete he has a free scholarship and all of the other freebies. SO GET OVER IT MIKE GUNDY AND FOCUS ON WINNING!!!!!

  4. Eric says:

    Carlson is a hack who was baiting a coach and a player to make herself look like a victim. I am not surprised that she is “Standing” by her story. It was and still is a garbage story written by someone who has an agenda. Shame on her for poisoning the jornalistic profession. I would love for my kid to play for Mike Gundy. He put himself out for all to see and showed passion for one of his kids. The only passion Carlson showed, was that she hates OSU football and doesn’t care about clarifying her sources and flat out lying to sell papers. I hope you can sleep well Jenni knowing that you are an embarrassment. You are also making all you buddies in the media who are supporting you look just as bad. I will be rooting for OSU, although I am a Colorado grad, and I will also be watching to see when you get what you deserve….A pink slip.

  5. MM says:

    Mike Gundy is an idiot

  6. Roy says:

    Publicity stunt. Deflect from losing to Troy. Pathetic, Gundy. If it’s so false, don’t dignify it by behaving like a lunatic. You’re only giving her more press!

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