Where’s Your God Now, Tony Dungy?

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San Diego 28, Indianapolis 24

OK, the above headline is unnecessarily mean-spirited. If today was indeed, Saint Tony’s final game leading the Colts, he deserves tremendous praise for his homophobic tenure. But I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering why Indy bothered to sign The Greatest Clutch Kicker Of His Generation if he’s not gonna be allowed to put 3 crucial points on the board in the final minutes.

Three weeks into the 2007 season, who amongst us would’ve dared imagine that Norv Turner would soon be a game away from the Super Bowl? Granted, I don’t think the Bolts will manage much else other than giving New England a decent game next Sunday, but it’s very hard to decide which is weirder — that as of this writing Eli Manning’s had a better postseason than Peyton, or that Indy couldn’t seal the deal today with L.T. and Phillip Rivers injured for San Diego.

As for the latter, there’s something a little goofy about his effervescent brand of conversation with Colts fans. Even Ryan Leaf is sitting at home wondering about Rivers’ maturity.

In all seriousness, while this was the 3rd consecutive good-to-great game of the weekend, with the possible exception of Shannon Sharpe developing larygyitis, it doesn’t get much better than Billy Volek eliminating the defending champs.

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