Whoop De Damn Do(om) : Who Wants To Buy Derek Coleman’s La-z-Boy?

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The Fanhouse’s Will Brinson reports former Syracuse / NBA standout Derek Coleman, last seen on CSTB opening a sneaker emporium, has gone bust. The good folks at Sherwood Studios are clearly fixated on maintaining whatever margin they can on DC’s estate sale ; they certainly didn’t pay very much money for the design of the above advertisement.

2 responses to “Whoop De Damn Do(om) : Who Wants To Buy Derek Coleman’s La-z-Boy?”

  1. Ben Schwartz says:

    It’s an “estate sale.” Can you have an estate sale before you die?


  2. Tommy Hoops says:

    This news truly depresses me. DC was one of the truly overpaid players of his day, and that money should’ve been more than enough to last his lifetime.

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