Will Leitch Goes To The Ghetto Prom

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Golden State Warriors media flack Eric Govan was fired yesterday for bulk e-mailing some snapshots from the “ghetto prom” websites that have poppped up in recent years.

Observed the mature, sensitive Will Leitch (above, right), “The computer œsend button: Aside from death, is there anything more frighteningly conclusive?”

Indeed, Will should know. Were Govan guilty of say, suggesting that Mike Tyson can’t read or that Isiah Thomas doesn’t know how to use a computer, he might instead have ended up the subject of a flattering NY Times profile.

7 responses to “Will Leitch Goes To The Ghetto Prom”

  1. notorius says:

    That ghetto prom stuff was new to me. That site was pretty offensive, anybody who emails that should be fired. HAHAHAHAHA You are a poor minority trying to be trendy, only you failed!

  2. notorius says:

    I wish everyone in America was required to take a sociology class at least once.

  3. CSTB says:

    which site was offensive? Byron Crawford’s?

  4. notorius says:

    yeah, byron crawford’s… although I didn’t take the time to look at his whole site. I am not easily offended either, I think the comments section did me in.

  5. CSTB says:

    yeah, well, don’t confuse the comments with the sentiments of the blogger. That’s what I always tell people.

  6. Maerlyn says:

    The only thing offensive on the site is the glorification of the lowest common denominator, so prevalent innearly all forms of mass media today. It is as though half of the people shown were TRYING to look like escapees from a facility for the criminally insane and/or mentally defective. But, I always forget, all ‘cultures’ are equal…..braids, pimpin, babymommas/babydaddys, basketball, thuggin……..automobiles, airplanes, cures for diseases, tv’s, dvd’s, cell phones, all the other inventions of the ‘evil’ white race…….what’s the diff, right?

  7. GC says:

    thanks, Maerlyn. If you honestly believe that black culture is fully represented by “.braids, pimpin, babymommas/babydaddys, basketball, thuggin'” , there’s not much I can say that will change your jaundiced perspective. Didn’t know that James Naismith was a brother, though.