Wishing You A Happy Religious Occasion

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(photograph by Sally Crewe)

CSTB’s contributors, ownership and loyal corporate mascot (above) join in hoping you find something sticky in your stockings this Christmas.

3 responses to “Wishing You A Happy Religious Occasion”

  1. Jon Solomon says:

    A caller to my Christmas Radio Show on WPRB asked me, before he hung up, how I was going to be able to stay on the air for sixteen more hours *and* find time to post to CSTB. He’s a police officer in S. Jersey, and I imagine he’s smiling while he reads these words. Happy Holidays! – Jon

  2. QPR Jon says:

    Happy Christmas CSTB..

  3. kt says:

    yes, hope everyone is enjoying their respective holidays and birthdays and whatnot. especially the whatnot.

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