With Each Passing Day, Riggo44 More Closely Resembles Billy Jack

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Over the years, a number of mouthy pundits have taken it upon themselves to run a coach out of town. Leave it to former Redskins RB John Riggins, however, to turn his sights from the embattled Jim Zorn to the meddlesome Daniel Snyder. With effective props! (link courtesy DC Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg)

2 responses to “With Each Passing Day, Riggo44 More Closely Resembles Billy Jack”

  1. Don says:

    Perpetual drunk, Reagan-worshipping right wing twit, DWI arrest. “Loosen Up Sandie Baby.” The only reason he can’t stand Snyder is because Snyder kicked his syndicated show off the air. Was once found living in a rented storage shed.

  2. GC says:

    let’s have a little more compassion for the nation’s homeless, ok? Indeed, Riggins has a) a spotty history and b) an obvious axe to grind. He’s also got a Super Bowl ring and an SB MVP trophy. Might he’ll let Snyder rent the ring as the owner’s not had much luck buying one.

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