World Series Game 1 : Rocket Pulls Up Lame, Jenks Saves The Game

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White Sox 5, Astros 3

Though I’m sure most of you are embroiled in that most obvious of post-game debates —- whose performance was more inspiring, Josh Grobhan or Liz Phair? —- I’m still trying to determine who seemed more overmatched, the ailing Roger Clemens (above) or the debutante DH, Jeff Bagwell.

Much as I hate to bring it up at a time like this, the Astros have devoted nearly a quarter of their 2005 payroll to the 43 year old Clemens, and anything short of a World Series victory makes that a questionable decision. Though it is doubtful that Clemens will receive the kind of treatment afforded to other prominent post-season hurlers who would’ve been better off in bed (David Wells, Kevin Brown, Bartolo Colon), this shouldn’t have been Wandy Rodriguez’ game to win or lose.

Until two weeks ago, I wouldn’t have picked Joe Crede as the most dangerous no. 8 hitter in the game. The Chicago 3B could’ve been a viable alternative to Paul Konerko as ALCS MVP, and he’s got a heck of a head start on the silverware for this series.

If Bobby Jenks’ showing tonight is any indication, the big lug is suffering no ill effects from a 15 day rest. The dominant performance of the White Sox starting rotation versus the Angels, coupled with Jenks’ ferocious two innings in Game One , should rightfully wipe out any remaining shred of optimism on the Astros’ part (at least as much as the loss of Clemens).

A couple of acquaintences have asked how I can really look forward to a World Series in which I have no real rooting interest. To which I can only answer, when my chosen team is busy playing golf, sudoku or Rockstar Games’ “The Warriors” this week, I’ve got to celebrate little victories where I can find them. For instance, the same way tonight’s final out brought joy to the hearts of long suffering White Sox fans, I had to settle for the words “Lou Piniella could not be with us tonight.”

That said, I have come up with at least one compelling reason to root against the Astros : if Chicago wins, there’s an even smaller playoff share for John Franco.

4 responses to “World Series Game 1 : Rocket Pulls Up Lame, Jenks Saves The Game”

  1. Chuck Meehan says:

    Maybe the White Sox will outdo themselves tonight and have Skafish come out to sing God Bless America.

  2. warmowski says:

    When Liz shpowed up, I was hoping for a chorus of “Give me your hot white sox,” but all I got was a cheesy anthem and flat singing.

    Speaking of cheesy anthems, Liz’s excursion away from the gentle embrace of pitch-correcting software finally made me see that, yes, something IS worse than Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.”

    (Pierzynski, who is responsible for that selection, will be getting the cold should from me at the pierogi table.)

  3. CSTB says:

    I suppose I’m the only person in America who thought there was something vaguely subversive about author/vocalist of “Hot White Cum” being invited to sing the words “white with foam” to an audience of mega-millions.

    That said, this “God Bless America” might be the best thing Linda Perry’s ever written.

  4. ted says:

    truly a wretched peformance of a song that does not belong in the 7th inning stretch.
    not a bad game though.

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