Worst SportsCenter Analogy Of All-Time

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“What Ben Gibbard is to Death Cab For Cutie, Jason Marquis is to the Cardinals on 3 days rest.

Which could mean that a) Gibbard is surprisingly effective or b) rational adults find Marquis’ cloying offerings so insufferable, they’d sooner make a cyanide smoothie than listen to him.

I suppose you could make a case for either.

10 responses to “Worst SportsCenter Analogy Of All-Time”

  1. jennifer says:

    no they didn’t! for real?

  2. Brushback says:

    Who’s writing their stuff now, Paul Cox?

  3. tim hinely says:

    weird, cos’ about a week ago i heard one of em’ say, “lew ford is to the twins what james mercer is to the shins.” who IS writing this stuff?

    but i guess it’s better than hearing stuart scott “as cool as the other side of the pillow” for the 400th time.

  4. CSTB says:

    Jennifer – I’m not making it up.

    BB – sorry, whozat?

    Tim – they’re always doing this shit. Usually, something like “what Fuckface Who-Can’t-Sing is to Yellowcard, Rae Carruth is to Cellblock 9”. Even in Bristol, CT, they’re familiar enough with semi-popular rock bands. Big deal. I’m just tired of all the White Boy references from Colin Cowherd. Just who is he trying to impress, anyway?

  5. Brushback says:

    Paul Cox, Hallmonitor. I like the way he writes, and he seems like a decent enough guy, but some of the wimpier stuff he’s into drives me nuts.

  6. Paul says:

    Brushback, I may like a few wimpy bands here and there, but I don’t EVER arbitrarily bring up Ben Gibbard unless I’m saying nasty things about him. So whatevs.

  7. Brushback says:

    Crap– I guess should’ve waited until they mentioned the Delays, then. Sorry, Paul, I stand corrected.

  8. CSTB says:

    “what the guy who sounds like a girl is to the Delays, Jhonny Peralta is to the Cleveland Indians.”


  9. jason says:

    That’s John Buccigross, formerly of NHL2nite. The bad rock band analogy is his thing, with no apparent aesthetic judgement in his choices (REM, Tragically Hip, White Stripes, Idlewild, Death Cab, you name it).

  10. tim hinely says:

    …and i assume we’ve all heard cris berman make the left banke “walk away renee” comment? in fact, he makes lots of music comments but all the bands are pre 1970 (understandable due to his age, i guess?).

    ah , i just like when my beloved rams are on and he does his usual, “marshall marshall marshall !!” …..hey, the rams just scored again ! oregonian or not, fuck joey harrington.

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