Zina Saunders’ “The Morning After”

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Captioned “coyote ugly” by the artist (link taken from Boing Boing).   Docked a couple of points for the the lack of a Diet Dr. Pepper can.

3 responses to “Zina Saunders’ “The Morning After””

  1. Ha! I wished I’d put in the can of Diet Dr. Pepper!

  2. GC says:

    ’tis merely the smallest and most petty of quibbles, Ms. Saunders. Thank you!

  3. Don says:

    for those of us who have had Diet Dr Pepper addictions for many years, the news comes as a complete and utter shock. As always, I remind people that the beloved Jay North of Dennis the Menace suffered through a Dr Pepper addiction that hit as many as 24 cans a day.

    While I recognize this is humorous, I must mention that it’s entirely true.

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