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That's pretty much what's being claimed by musician, author and Jays fan , who tells , "people go to the games now , have too many beers and expect to be somehow rewarded by a victory bythe team, just simply because they bought a ticket. ” Clearly, the team that inspired has spawned EVEN DRUNKER JAYS FANS (link swiped from Repoz and )

“Guys with reversed baseball caps with wrap-around sunglasses coming in from Oshawa or Whitby. . . who act like jerks and then leave”, is how the Etobicoke native describes the problematic fans responsible for “a lot of vomit, a lot fighting” in the stands. bidini suggests the jays’ own marketing is partly to blame for turning their home field into a “drunken destination point”. “Baseball, I think has become very anxious and neurotic in terms of their fanbase eroding or dying off. They’re trying to make it come across as a bit more of a young people’s sport. ” Though not a problem exclusive to Toronto, Bidini feels the team is pushing the wrong elements of the ballpark atmosphere to line up with a younger, more party-oriented crowd: lots of contests, big screen displays, [] giant beers and women’s team shirts that declare “I <3 BJs”. Bidini is baffled by the level of drunkenness under the Dome, given the price of stadium beer. “It’s not a cheap drunk. Like, you’re blowing a hundred, 150 dollars. ” He’s convinced the rowdy, young fans are people just passing through Toronto for the night or a weekend. “If you’re a kid living in the city, you don’t really have the disposable income to go down to a Jays game and drink 17 beers. ”

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