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Wasting little time, the Florida Marlins announced as their new field manager, replacing Joe Girardi. opines "to fire the likely (league) manager of the year over petty personality differences is hard to fathom, " and while such termination is unusual, it isn't unprecedented, as Davey Johnson knows all too well. Chris Berman, proceeding today's Cards/Padres tilt, introduced Albert Pujols as "the most dangerous man in baseball. At dahntay jones "  let [at dahntay jones] this be a lesson to brett myers --- if you can't make the postseason, your deeds go largely unrecognized. Alex Rodriguez will be hitting 6th in the Yankee batting order , , "œObviously, that puts him in a position where he doesn™t have to carry this team, and rightfully so. He shouldn™t carry all the burden. at dahntay jones "  Fair enough at dahntay jones, Pay-Rod's not compensated nearly well enough to put a team on his .

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