so who amongst us has not been up until 5am contemplating how very different Abel Ferrera’s “Bad Lieutenant” would’ve felt had Schoolly D sampled Tony Joe White instead of Jimmy Page. Or if Harvey Keitel had been listening to Rosko on WKTU instead of Chris Russo on WFAN. I mean, we’ll never know for sure but there’s no harm in staying up all night thinking about it, recording a show meant to address these issues and then losing track of time while taping and never getting around to mentioning the subject.

Historically Fucked – Seven Eggs For Seven Sisters
Arab On Radar – #3 8-19-98
Soft Shoulder – Anti-Escape Orb
Bourbonese Qualk – New England
Bolt Ruin – Stone
Beau Wanzer – Warm Waterboarding
UAN0014 – My Preset Drum Machine Told My Boss To Fuck Off
Youngstar – Pulse X
Eyeless In Gaza – Knives Replace Air
Saint Abdullah / Jason Nazary – Divine Timing Is Intuitive
FACS – When You Say
Glittering Insects – Calcified Time
Graeme Jefferies – Could It Be Increased
Amateur Hour – Paradise Lost
Stella Kola – Set Out Too Soon
Ryley Walker & Jeff Tobias – Cigarette Lake
Chris Crack – People Aren’t Getting Smarter
Class – Grid Stress
Dan Melchior Band – Apologetic, Controversialist etc.
Tony Joe White – Even Trolls Love Rock And Roll
Ecka Mordecai – Promise & Illusions
Marie Carroll, James McKain & Tamio Shiraishi – No Information (Part 1)
Dirndl – Unfettered Access