Getting this week’s show up and running was not without challenges, to wit, how to do so sans power, heat, internet connectivity, running water or gourmet dog food. Who amongst us has not at one time or another resorted to burning a big pile of rare records in order to stay warm? OK, would you believe burning several boxes of sub-solvent record label overstock print? How about MP3’s and WAV’s — if streaming services are a bigger threat to the environment than physical media, surely I should be able to ignite several GB’s of music I’m never going to be able to listen to again.

Stano – Majestics Of Majesty
?Rachika Nayar – Losing Too is Still ours ?
Bashar Suleiman – Safeway ?
Lucy Railton – Second Lament?
Ale Hop – La procesión

??Natural Information Society with Evan Parker – d (OoOc)
?Otomo Yoshihide & Martíi Escalnte – OY?
Anthony Braxton, Milford Graves, William Parker – Fifth Meeting ?
Serpente – Para Celeste
Loopsel – Klockan?
Dan Melchior – The Story Of Love?
Neutral – Repa
?Live Skull – Safe From Me
?Bumbo’s Tinto Brass Band – Headache??

Ascension – As Above ?
His Name Is Alive – Halo