so I’m in a Facebook group with alleged music enthusiasts and one of the members took the opportunity to post a candid / unauthorized photo of Richard Hell (or the side of Hell’s head) shopping at a lower Manhattan Trader Joe’s. Persons with a modicum of good judgement objected, saying Hell deservers the right — as we all do — to get the shopping in without jackals (or members of Jackyl) complaining he doesn’t look like Antonio Sabato (presumably a young Antonio Sabato, though I don’t know, maybe he’s taken particularly good care of himself).

(keep in mind, this group is hardly the worst I’m a member of. There’s one that consists of daily polls/debates of the “who is better Star Wars or the Bee Gees?” variety and I’m using every ounce of self-control to not book myself an oligarch-style rocket ride in order to escape their inanities.  And that’s a step up from the hapless “Noise Rock” group where they are no doubt currently arguing over who is better Clutch or Star Wars).

Be it Trader Joe’s, Market Basket, Piggy Wiggly, Iceland or Alahan’s Corner Shop (shown above), if you encounter a person of repute/cultural significance, please show some goddamn (self) respect and get on with your day.

Howard Hello – My Friend
Skull Defects – Embryo
Maria W. Horn – Excitation Frustration Excitation
The Bug – Lock Off Version
Slikback – Agent
Matt Warren – Bang The Box
SWAP MEET! – Eraser
Wu-Lu – South (ft. Lex Amor)
Ed Scissor & Lamplighter – Been A Minute
Flux Of Pink Indians – Background Of Malfunction
Gerycz/Powers/Rolin – June
Kiko Dinucci – Olodé
Reiko & Tori Kudo – We May Be
Dean Roberts – Not Fire
Mordecai – Proverbial Line
Flaming Tunes – The Best Weapon
Miller – Ruby – Make Our Escape
Leather Rats – Fuck Shit Up (live)
Joe Colley – Program Four
Kaffe Matthews – Pool In The Basement
Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor – Stropha