I’m not quite sure how I managed to produce this week’s episode. Several days ago, I had an unfortunate encounter with several large individuals at a local drinking establishment who took great exception to my (loud) insistence that Jerry Reed was both the author and singer of :”Junk Food Junkie” and said condition was the cause of his passing.

For starters, I was incorrect (the song was performed by Larry Groce) and I deeply regret my inflammatory remarks. Especially because I am now eating several dozen anti-inflammatories a day after my glassed were smashed, my shins were kicked and i was struck in a very sensitive area (alright, the face) with what was either a serving tray or a novelty clock made from a warped Alien Ant Farm album.

The doctor at the medical facility* suggested this incident had echoes of Elvis Costello’s ill-advised encounter with Bonnie Brammlett in 1979 and not only do I deeply resent the comparison but would it be asking too much for a health care professional to simply keep his mouth shut and concentrate on removing shards of an Alien Ant Farm album from my face?

Robyn Hitchcock – Trash
30 Windswept Dimes – Nestor’s Carbuncles
Friendly Boyfriend – Sleeping On Your Couch
Heavy Metal – Motorhead
The Incredible Kidda Band – Got To Keep The Noise Down
Wreckless Eric – Semaphore Signals
Peter J. Cox – Stinkin’ Rich
Metal Urbain – Hysterie Connective
Paul Super Apple – Message To Keith / Apple Love
Holland / Skin / Tunnel – I Want To Live In A Refrigerator
Yuko Araki – Positron In Bloom
The Bug – Vexed (ft. Moor Mother)
Menstruation Sisters – Give Blood
Ten Wanted Men – Don’t Start No Shit pt. 4
SPK – Contact
Sachi Kobayshi – Deconstructed

Shit Creek – Tinfoil Gundam
Yata DSP – Yata Sound
Madam Data – It came to be called the War of Accretion; and its violence tore asunder the laws of Gravity itself

Chair – O – Planes – Ghost Hole
Leda – Covid Groove 1