So you know how there’s some online radio hosts who promise they’re gonna take you on some kind of a “musical journey”, one where they don’t need a map?

I’m sure that sounds exciting to those of you with no imaginations or life experiences to speak of, but take it from someone that’s been around the block a few times. For starters, journeys suck (much like the band) and as much fun as tooling around sans a map sounds, invariably you end somewhere in the woods with no petrol. Before long, you’re greeted by a hulking individual who thinks your Stephon Marbury sneakers circa 2008 have some sort of life-force they must appropriate and next thing you know, you’re tied naked to a tree.

At least that’s how I remember it.

Anyhow, rest assured, I’VE GOT A ROADMAP. When you take a ride with me for two hours, I know EXACTLY where I’m going. To Footlocker. To replace those shoes.

Two Dogs In A House – Dogs DJ Tool
Ludgate Squatter – Don’t Touch My MPC
The Bug – High Rise (feat. Manga Saint Hilaire)
Saint Abdullah – Like A Great Starving Beast (ft. John Butcher)
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Scratch The Dub Organizer
The Bran Flakes – Kitty Takes A Ride
The Upsetters – Dracula
Octagrape – Hightropics
Virvon Varvon – Trouble
Warmer Milks – Steady Sheets
Jessica Ackerley & Daniel Carter – Lucid Dreamer
Brandon Lopez Trio – Motherfucker, I Said Dance
Axebreaker -You Will Never Live In Peace
Rhys Chatham – Drastic Classicism
Sun Stabbed – From Swerve Of Shore To Bend Of Bay
J Foerster & N Kramer – Curved Hallway
Dion Workman – i/X
Drew Wesley – two doors and the half life of any particular evening into night