You may or may not have read yesterday’s reports of a (disgruntled) junior staffer at HBO being ordered to create burner accounts for the purpose of attacking TV critics who had the temerity to suggest The Weeknd star vehicle “The Idol” was th televised equivalent of a flaming bag of dog shit. Unethical? Probably. Petty? DON’T DO ME LIKE THAT. I’m just happy, nah thrilled this scandal has completely overshadowed my very-similar-efforts to preempt criticisms of the forthcoming ‘With Sympathy’ quadruple disc box. “AL + STEVO HAVE BROUGHT JOY TO THE LIVES OF HUNDREDS. WHAT HAVE U EVER DONE HIDING BEHIND YOUR LAPTOP?” You know, pithy stuff like that. This week’s show will not feature any of the ‘With Sympathy’ demos, not so much for quality control reasons but mostly because the label wouldn’t send me any music. Just like the HBO kid, it will all come out in the lawsuit.

Nervous Gender – Alien Point Of View
Chrisman – Engine Room
Stigma – No Garden (ft. Justin Broadrick)
Candido – Shot The Rim
Cheb Tero – Baghdad Disco?
The Air Music International – Pass The Santa-Lucia Gate In Manila
Chimers – Surrounds
Institute – Warmonger
The Moodists – Kept Spectre
Circle X – Onward Christian Soliders
Asteroid Ekosystem – Outer Orbit
Neil Campbell & Richard Youngs – Perhaps Forbidden
Zea – When I Got Passed The First Darkness
The Smashing Times – A Changing Letter
Peter Wright – The Terrifying Realization We Might Be Wrong
Boy Dirt Car – The Only Living Witness
Dumb And The Ugly – Lunacy 145
Antony Milton – Not Too Far
Seawind Of Battery – Sidestepping
Lea Bertucci – Vapours