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(Kurt Thomas, left, taking out his prejudices against Virgin Islanders) While I'm still trying to take in all the highlights from two apparently terrific games I missed last night ---- and (Deron Williams, 29 points, 11 assists, 6 rebounds), unveils his plans to carve up what Michael Wilbon has called . "It's time to perform surgery on the format, " advises Woods. Sports (sports)&utm_content=twitter "ditch the traditional east v west face-off and replace it with one that pits the us against the rest of the world". Fielding a United Nations squad would be no problem. Three MVPs born outside the States - Canada's Nash, Virgin Islander Duncan and Germany's Dirk Nowitzki - would be automatic starters, with Chinese giant Yao and Frenchman Tony Parker completing a first choice quintet that would be a match for anything the 'hosts' would provide. Although depth might be an issue, who would want to lose? Nobody. "It would be a tough game because there are so many tough foreign players in the league, " says Phoenix Suns' French forward Boris Diaw. "It would probably make it more competitive than it is now. Now it is fun but everyone would be trying to win it. " Ultimately, that may be the concept's downfall. The players invited to participate in All-Star Weekend are coming to New Orleans to enjoy themselves, to savour the late-night frolics on Bourbon Street and relish a welcome break from [sports (sports)&utm_content=twitter] the grind of cross-country road trips and the sports (sports)&utm_content=twitter 82-game slog. Diaw's team-mate Nash, voicing an opinion that will be mirrored by many of his contemporaries, believes the last thing they need is for the NBA to turn a vacation into a busman's holiday. "I don't think it needs fixing, " he insists. Maybe we should just accept All-Star for what it is: A-List entertainment both on the court and off it. But as a contest sports (sports)&utm_content=twitter, it remains very much less than stellar. Though I'd be more interested in watching Woods' proposed All-Star Game than the one currently on offer (can we have a US Against The World Celebrity Game on the Saturday, too? I really wanna see Carrot Top get dunked on by Michael Barrymore), it should be stressed that Tim Duncan is very much a U. S. citizen, as are all natives of the Virgin Islands.

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