A person seeking to exploit CSTB’s vulnerable readership writes,


I was doing some searching on Technorati and came across your fantasy sports blog www.cantstopthebleeding.com. I™m part of the founding management team at 4INFO and wanted to reach out to you about one of our newest services.

What is 4INFO?

4INFO allows users to quickly and easily find relevant information on their mobile devices such as sports scores, fantasy sports stats, weather, flight information, movie times, horoscopes and stock quotes by sending a text message to 44636 (4INFO) or email to search@4info.net.

One of our latest new services is Fantasy Sports Stats, something very relevant to your audience. Right now we have free, real-time player information for the MLB, PGA, and NFL. More professional leagues are coming soon. For example, users can send “Johnny Damon” or “Pedro Martinez” in a text message to 4INFO (44636) to receive the respective batting and pitching statistics for the recent and previous games.

We are looking to build a community of influencers to help us get the word out, and I was hoping you would be able to help. In return, we are planning on offering links back to blog postings, a first look at new services, prizes, and other fun stuff still to be determined. Feedback is appreciated.

If you are interested talking more, please let me know.


Zaw Thet
4INFO Marketing

Dear Zaw,

Thanks very much for checking out my fantasy sports blog! Indeed, I have many, many sporting fantasies. One my favorites involves several jaded millionaires with rifles hunting humans for sport (I think a recent late night film starring Ray Liotta or Ice T might’ve inspired this one). Among the desperate prey — who include Warner Wolf, Barry Melrose and all acting members of the Arquette clan — is an unsuccessful dot.com entrepeneur with the improbable name of Zaw Thet.

I’d tell you how it ends, but with the BBC looking for new content instead of showing “Only Fools & Horses” re-runs as was their prior practice, I think I might be able to fashion a real script and get some serious financing out of this. I’ll let you know when we’re ready to start shooting. Shooting, get it?

best wishes,