…he’s beating off in Curt Schilling’s hair?

Well, not quite. But for Barstool Sports’ Jerry Thorton, “The Case Against WEEI” is fairly open and shut.

We™ve made the case against the œDennis and Callahan morning show. The evidence has shown that while they do the occasional good interview, the rest of the time the show exists solely on a diet of negativity, vitriol, and semi-perturbed bitterness and mock anger. Apparently convinced that good news can™t fill air time, the hosts look to which ever member of the Red Sox is struggling at a given moment, and jump on him with cleats. In Spring Training it was Mike Lowell. In April it was Wily Mo Pena. By early May it was Mark Loretta. When each started to hit, they moved on to the next. At the moment it™s Alex Gonzalez. The fact that he™s the best defensive shortstop the Sox have had in our lifetimes, and that the team is in first place just proves the Commonwealth™s case, ladies and gentlemen.

œThe Big Show was a great idea: fill a show with sportswriters and give them a forum to provide news, opinions and insider information that didn™t exist anywhere else on the Boston sports scene. But as we showed you, there are currently about three dozen web sites that do the same thing only better. œThe Big Show has deteriorated into nothing more than a vehicle for hidden agendas, personal vendettas and grinding axes. You listened to the tapes of them attacking Nomar because he wasn™t nice to them and defending the indefensible Grady Little because he was. Every hour of the show begins with ten minutes of the Big Show œpersonalities talking about themselves. Every phone call they take is another opportunity for one of these pedants to interrupt the caller and lecture him on how little he knows.

The number of subjects that the people on ™EEI refuse to discuss, or are incapable of discussing, is staggering. The NHL and NBA playoffs. National League baseball. The Olympics. The World Cup. The entire world of college sports is virtually non-existent on the station. Anything beyond the Red Sox or some quasi-legal issue like steroids is barely worthy of mention. Even the greatest team in professional sports, the New England Patriots, get short shrift because they don™t give the station the sexy controversy they thrive on, they just win. Again, ladies and gentlemen, you heard the recordings of last November when the Patriots were rolling toward the playoffs and WEEI was doing wall-to-wall coverage of Theo Epstein in the gorilla suit.