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: Relief pitcher Scott Schoeneweis received six shipments of steroids in 2003 and 2004 from the Florida pharmacy under investigation for illegal distribution of performance-enhancing drugs, ESPN. com reported Monday. Schoeneweis, then with the Chicago White Sox and now with the New York Mets, was prescribed the steroids by of the in Tustin, Calif. , the Web site said. Scruggs also wrote prescriptions for Toronto third baseman Troy Glaus. The name of Schoeneweis, a survivor of testicular cancer, appears on packages sent to Comiskey Park in 2003 and 2004 by , ESPN. com said , citing a source in Florida close to the investigation. Schoeneweis spent $1, 160 and received testosterone and stanozolol, it said. The WWL report comes courtesy [] of ESPN The Magazine's Shaun Assael, no stranger to the world o' bulking up, having co-authored . i look forward to schoeneweis explaining that he needed the stanozolol to counteract the damaging effects of . Schoeneweis signed a 3-year, $10. 8 million contact with the Mets last January. Of course, had Omar Minaya or Fred Wilpon been aware of the reliever's alleged use of PED's, they'd have assumed a firm moral stance. . . . and merely offered two years, guaranteed.

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