Jake Wilson writes,

Naziism is funny.

At least that’s what Deadspin seems to think. To protest MLBlogs’ lack of censorship, Gawker’s entree into the world of sports saw fit to create a blog titled “Mein Kampf” that promises “discussion of the National Socialist Movement.” However, the joke seems to be on Deadspin, as MLBlogs appears to be testing out its new Virtual Ashcroft v1.1 censorship software on the blog, including censoring out their self-promoting link.

Thanks, Jake, though I don’t see what the fuss is about. Clearly, Deadspin’s editor has grown tired in just a few weeks of his position at a rebarbative professional sports website. In such a work environment, he’s under intense pressure to use the words “Paris Hilton” as many times a day as possible and I can only imagine how desperately he’s longed to start, y’know, a real blog that shows the world he’s not just a superficial nitwit. A vehicle that will allow him to truly express his innermost thoughts. If he’s willing to fight for his right to party with the Nazi Party, regardless of how it might relect on his employer, you’ve gotta respect that, even if you find such views totally abhorrent.