From the Daily Southtown :

“I thought, how could (Mark) miss this one opportunity that he might never have again in his life?” said Colleen. “When the doctor said I could be induced so he could go to the game, that’s the train I got on.”

After nearly six hours of labor, 8-pound, 9-ounce Mark Patrick Pavelka was born at 10:45 p.m. Friday at Palos Community Hospital.

Mark Pavelka, 28, said he didn’t talk his wife into having the baby early, but he’s grateful.

“I kept saying: ‘I know God is going to do this to me. She’s going to go in labor on Sunday, and I’m going to miss the game,’ ” said Mark, who wore his “Monsters of the Midway” shirt during the delivery.

A big Bears fan herself, Colleen Pavelka wasn’t looking forward to being in labor during the game, either.

“If I were able to, I would have gone to see them play,” she said.

Instead, Colleen Pavelka is planning to catch the showdown on the plasma screen TV in her hospital room, while baby Mark Patrick is bundled up in the Bears receiving blanket his grandma bought him for Christmas.

The couple named their second son after his father.

Mark Pavelka jokingly said, “If he wasn’t born by Sunday and the Bears won, I would have named him Rex,” after quarterback Rex Grossman.”

Hmmm.  I guess naming the kid “Tank” was out of the question.   But I did enjoy the week-long controversy  over whether or not Mike Ditka was rooting for the child to be born a boy or a girl.