David Schied writes :

I submit this to top the fanny pack fashion faux pas.

Coachella 2005. And this was someone WORKING for a band not your average festival goer in a Dr. Seuss hat.

Thank you, David. And with that, I declare this sad attempt to mimmick one of Vice Magazine’s most entertaining features, over and done. Does the gentleman above look like a dope? Most certainly, but was he robbing a bank at the same time? I think not.

Not to get all Paul Lukas on you or anything, but yesterday morning I was on an airplane with someone wearing an Buffalo Bills O.J. Simpson throwback jersey, one of the more audacious fashion statements I’ve witnessed since those Mike Tyson “I’ll Be Back” t-shirts were circulating around NYC during Iron Mike’s prison sentence. Perhaps it is just a coincidence, but the Bills are rocking the old uniforms today against the Texans — perhaps a prelude to bring the Juice back in some sort of coaching/consultancy role? I’m thinking greeter/goodwill ambassador.