Says Ben Schwartz, “From a Wrigley perspective, it’s nice to know the Astros are entering 2005 with the right attitude.”

Writes Peter Gammons in his latest column,

There is no clause in Clemens’ contract about being traded to the Yankees if the Astros are out of it at the end of July. But there is a tacit agreement, although Houston would have to be way, way out of it. Would Clemens go to Boston? Maybe, but less likely. When the Yankees were hedging on signing him a year ago in the fall, Randy and Alan Hendricks called the Red Sox, but were stalled, claiming there were ‘issues.’ That sticks with Clemens, although he remembers the ovations he got in 2003.

Though this is hardly the first time the notion of a mid-season trade back to one of Clemens’ former clubs I-95 clubs has come up, how terrific must it be for Houston fans to note that despite a salary of Astronomical proportions in 2005, provisions are already being made to send the Rocket to a contender?

Some guys wanna get paid, others wanna play for a winner. That Clemens has the leverage to command both is undeniable, but it oughta be acknowledged that he’s just as mercenary as he is competitive.