As he always does, (Nets owner) Mikhail Prokhorov was careful not to criticize his rival, Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him the “strongest politican guy on the planet for the time being;”

One place where he disagreed with Putin, but not by name, was the case of Edward Snowden, the NSA spy who is living in Moscow after Putin granted him asylum.

“I think its a great testimony for me that relations between the countries are far from adequate< said Prokhorov. “The majority fo Russians, we think he was really a traitor. because in Russia we have a very special history, Russian history. And we have a very strong belief about loyalty.  If you’re working for an organization, especially NSA, you don’t go out and spill all the secrets.”

Would he have granted asylum, “My position? never.” – Net Income, Nets Daily, Nov. 7, 2013