I’d like to step back this forum’s typical bite-the-hand rhetoric for a moment or two and recognize the awesome staff at Yardbarker for their tireless work in attracting the most provocative roster of athlete-bloggers this side of well, whoever ghostwrites David Wright’s stuff.  While some of you might be more turned on by Rasheed Wallace discussing his new tattoo (“I don’t know if the Yard is ready for this!”), I’d prefer to focus on the deep personal thoughts of Furman sophomore Connor Nolte :

Tomorrow we play Emory, a D3 team from Atlanta. We had a good practice today and I think everybody is just ready to get the season underway. We’ve had a long time to think about our 7-23 record from last year. Last season wasn’t fun for anybody and we’ve been working hard since last year’s conference tournament loss to Elon to prevent it from happening again.

I realized I won’t be in class on Monday considering we’re playing at Charleston Southern that night. This means that I have to do the flash animation project that’s due Monday in Computer Science tomorrow instead of at the last minute on Sunday night like I would have done. I’m using a picture of me shooting a free throw and making the ball move across the picture simulating a shot. I’ll put it on here sometime if I can figure out how to do it.