Not only was the allegedly all-negative, all-the-time Peter Vescey of the New York Post effusive in his praise for Bob Petit yesterday checkied out the NBA’s return to New Orleans.

Jim Jackson scored two points in just under four minutes as a Laker debutanteM. How poetically unjust! There ought to be a law against playing against a team considered so unworthy by Jackson he withheld his esteemed services following a December ’04 trade from Houston.

After the game, Jackson (12 teams in 13 years) vowed never to show up in New Orleans again until he’s named head of FEMA.

Think my Paper Clips might regret not packaging Corey Maggette and Shaun Livingston and more for homegrown Paul Pierce, Ricky Davis and others earlier this season? Eight straight games of 30 or more points, and 13 of 14, as well as repeated high-water marks across the stats sheet, is indubitably due north of enough to make both sides shutter at what might’ve been.

The State of Massachusetts hasn’t seen numbers like this since the last time Ted Kennedy blew up a balloon.

Andrei Kirilenko’s marrige was voted most likely to succeed in an informal poll of notorious “players.” In case you missed it, his wife said she allows him one dalliance per year as long as she knows about it. Or two if Dick Bavetta is watching.

The only two women off limits for Kirilenko are Kendra Davis and Sebastian Telfair’s girlfriend.

In a related item, Allen Iverson’s wife is permitting him to give up his dribble once a year.

The Kings are giving up about eight fewer points since Ron Artest put on his coveralls. Other than Bill Russell, I didn’t realize one player could have that much of a defensive impact.

“He can’t,” Terry Porter informed me. “You’re forgetting to factor in all the points Peja Stojakovic’s man used to get.”