Braves OF Jeff Francoeur made a personal appearance on behalf of corporate sponsor Delta Airlines at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport earlier this month and brags via the company blog, “I guess nobody was expecting to see me there so I got a lot of double-takes.” Indeed, there might be some casual Braves fans unaware Francoeur was ever called back to the parent club after being demoted to Richmond last June.  (link swiped from Baseball Think Factory)

I started the visit out by surprising Delta customers and employees at check-in¦shaking hands, taking pictures, and signing photos and even boarding passes. I snuck up on a couple of travelers who were using Delta™s self check-in units and asked if they needed any help “ I don™t think they were expecting to look up and see me rather than a Delta representative. Of course, I™m pretty much an expert at the self check-in process since we travel so much. It™s definitely my preference because it™s so fast and easy!