Detroit 3, A’s 0 (middle of the 8th)

Thom Brennaman might have made his first worthy observation of the month when he described the Tigers’ lead as “seemingly bigger than it looks” ; Kenny Rogers was even better this afternoon than he was against the Yankees last Saturday, striking out 6 and allowing just 2 hits in 7 and a third.

2B Mark Kiger has made his unlikely big league debut, coming in for D’angelo Jimenez in the last of the 8th. If the A’s are flexible enough to make such a move in the middle of the post-season, what’s stopping Fox from bringing someone off the street to take over for Steve Lyons?

“Psycho” bragged that Comerica Security recognized him, but couldn’t place Kiger. Had Steve not been in such a hurry to get to the booth, he might’ve heard the rent a cop say, “Craig Kilborn looks taller on TV.”

Albert Pujols — 0 for 3 with a walk and one crucial baserunning error last night — didn’t think much of Tom Glavine’s performance last night. Imagine how many more career victories Tom Glavine (290 and counting) might have if he were capable of really cranking it up? Or more to the point, imagine how much more valuable Pujols might be if he were capable of adjusting to a 100 year old man’s 84 mph fastball?