A’s 5, Twins 2 (A’s lead the series, 2-0)

I think Mark Kotsay’s 7th inning single-turned-2-run-HR is still rolling around.

Though I wouldn’t go as far as the SF Chronicle’s Bruce Jenkins in claiming “(Torii) Hunter’s reputation is shattered,” it’s no small bummer to think this might’ve been the classic HR-swiper’s last game in the Baggydome.

Someone please tell me I didn’t hear Rick Sutcliffe call Marco Scutaro the A’s MVP. I mean, I could’ve imagined it. Perhaps he meant Marco Pirroni.

Nice work by Shawn Green, Jose Valentin and Captain Red Ass : Lt. Dangle and J.D. Drew were just thrown out at home on the same play. A subsequent Marlon Anderson double down the third base line scored Russell Martin, and the Dodgers have a 1-0 lead in top of the 2nd.