Of the 3 films directly inspired by Judas Priest, Jeff Krulik’s “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” is neither as chilling as “Dream Deceivers” (hello, Faxed Head!) nor packed with star power as the Dominic West vehicle (cough) “Rock Star”.  But it’s arguably the best work of the three.

My only complaint is that instead of opting for other “Parking Lot” exercises (“Neil Diamond Parking Lot”, “Harry Potter Potter Parking Lot”), I truly wish Krulik had stuck with Priest and the charming young people interviewed above.  If Michael Apted can revisit the same collection of characters every 7 years, why not Krulik as well?

(UPDATE : Brian Turner writes, the DVD I believe has a “revisited” bonus film (that goes on a bit way too long) where Krulik tracks down assorted parking lot attendees today and asks them if their cult fame has changed them. Sadly, I dont think the “I’d Jump His Bones” gal is on there.)