A few minutes after I observed an Oxford St. clothier attempting to flog a commemorative Giants/Dolphins Wembley Stadium hoodie for the knockdown price of £37.99, I had the singular misfortune of dining next to a pair of 30 something gents, one American (louder, natch), the other English, each sharing their own special insights regarding their respective countries’ most fascinating cultural exports.

The American fellow spoke effusively of the “New York duo” (DC, actually) Thievery Corporation, of whom he boasted “are like an edgier Sade”.

As if such a thing were possible.

In turn, his English pal sang the praises of morning d(ingbat) j(erkoff) Chris Moyles, who he characterized as “Howard Stern, without the controversy.”

“Since Radio One doesn’t have to worry about ratings,” Mr. Media Expert proclaimed, “they can feature really interesting programming.”