While Deadspin and others were all over Dana Jacobsen allegedly embarrassing herself at the Greenberg/Golic Roast last Friday, the Press Of Atlantic City’s Scott Cronick reported an incident far more noteworthy – a decent line from Eddie Griffin!

On Greenberg hosting a recent ABC game show, Nick Bakay quipped,”they called it ‘Duel’ because the only two people who watched it shot each other. Mike Greenberg is to hosting game shows what Michael Vick is to hosting dog shows.”

“Mike & Mike are so dull they make Mike Tirico’s show feel dangerous,” Bakay added.

Comedian Eddie Griffin (“Undercover Brother”) was a big crowd favorite as he railed on everyone, particularly paying attention to the guests of honor. “I kind of know my career is over when I’m hired to roast two white guys I never (expletive) heard of.”

It’s funny, folks, because it’s true.