The A’s were quick to point out, 38 year old Jason Giambi (above) held the majors’ lowest batting average upon hitting the DL on July 20, but does a Billy Beane-run club really need to be told that batting average isn’t everything? Oakland gave Giambi his walking papers earlier today, a heartless move that’s in stark contrast to the club honoring a past great like Rickey Henderson less than a week ago. Some are already speculating today’s news means the end of Giambi’s 15 year tenure in the big leagues, but perhaps the New York Mets will consider picking up an immobile senior citizen to replace Gary Sheffield’s offensive production. 11 HR’s and 40 RBI’s in 83 games would rank Giambi amongst the Amazins’ ’09 statistical leaders, and it’s not as though Jason will need Jay Horowitz to give him subway directions to the China Club. And yes, it’s a bit fucking rich for me to be calling Giambi an old man while dropping a China Club reference.